Dangote Refinery Export First Jet Fuel To Europe


Nigeria's Dangote refinery has achieved a momentous feat by dispatching its inaugural consignment of aviation fuel to Europe. This event signifies a significant juncture in the global energy landscape, showcasing the swift operational expansion of the colossal facility.

As per a report by S&P Global Commodity Insights on Friday, BP is presently ferrying 45,000 metric tons of aviation fuel from the Dangote refinery to Rotterdam aboard the vessel Doric Breeze. This export venture marks the refinery's entry into the European market after a sizable 120,000 metric ton tender.

The term "BP cargo" denotes the shipment of aviation fuel procured by British Petroleum (BP) and currently en route to its destination, as reported by PUNCH Online.

In a groundbreaking development poised to reshape global energy dynamics, BP has taken the lead in ferrying 45,000 metric tons of aviation fuel to Rotterdam, marking a pivotal moment for the new 650,000 barrels per day (b/d) complex. Loaded from Lekki on May 27, this shipment underscores the rapid production escalation of the refinery and its adherence to European jet A1 standards, potentially altering West African trade patterns.

According to S&P Global Commodities at Sea data, two sources have confirmed that the vessel Doric Breeze carried the inaugural BP cargo, loading 45,000 metric tons of supply from Lekki on May 27. Meanwhile, Cepsa has also secured a portion of the tender, with the Spanish refiner anticipated to deliver supply to the continent shortly, as per traders' statements. Both companies were unavailable for comments on their purchases of aviation fuel from the refinery. However, a representative from Dangote previously affirmed to S&P Global Commodity Insights that the refinery has adhered to European jet A1 standards since the product's initial shipment within Africa in April.

The maiden European shipment underscores the expanding reach of products from the 650,000 b/d Dangote refinery as it swiftly scales up operations, aiming to disrupt established West African trade routes. Since April 8, Dangote has exported six aviation fuel/kerosene cargoes, all of which were delivered to Senegal, Togo, or Ghana, according to CAS data. BP is also expected to continue supplying aviation fuel to the West African market with product sourced from the refinery, as per sources.

European traders cautioned that fresh aviation fuel flows could exacerbate existing weaknesses as Nigerian supply enters a heavily saturated market.

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