We Are Ready To Join The Strike: Abai Workers


The Abia State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress has pledged adherence to the directive issued by both the NLC and the Trade Union Congress, signaling the commencement of an indefinite nationwide strike slated for Monday.

The strike, sanctioned by the NLC and TUC, was announced on Friday in response to the Federal Government's failure to finalize and enact a new National Minimum Wage Act, as well as its refusal to rollback the surge in electricity tariff to N65/kwh.

Revealing this stance during an interview on Friday, Ogbonnaya Okoro, the Abia NLC chairman, affirmed their commitment to participate in the strike, highlighting plans for mobilization to commence over the weekend. Emphasizing the immediacy of the situation, Okoro stressed their adherence to due process, indicating the scheduling of a state emergency meeting on Monday to ensure compliance without deviation from legal protocols.

Acknowledging the abruptness of the directive's issuance, Okoro outlined their intent to serve notices in accordance with procedural norms, emphasizing the commencement of such actions on Monday.

In April 2019, Former President Muhammadu Buhari enacted the Minimum Wage Repeal and Re-Enactment Act, 2019 into law.

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