Minimum Wage Talk Ends Today-NLC


The recent discussions concerning the minimum wage between the federal government and organized labor are anticipated to conclude today, awaiting President Bola Tinubu's decision on their proposed N250,000 offer. Labor leaders had set a Monday deadline for finalizing talks on the new wage.

Following the Tripartite Committee on National Minimum Wage meetings last Friday, where the federal government and the organized private sector agreed on N62,000, while labor insisted on N250,000, the Nigeria Governors Forum stated that any wage exceeding N60,000 was unsustainable.

Labor leaders disclosed to correspondents on Sunday that they were awaiting the president's decision on the proposals presented by the committee. Some leaders, including NLC President Joe Ajaero, were attending a labor conference organized by the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

After returning from Geneva, labor leaders will convene a National Executive Council meeting to decide on potential strike actions based on the president's response. They emphasized the need for caution to avoid any accusations of inciting citizens against the government, considering the government's control over the military.

Regarding the ultimatum for Monday, labor sources indicated that a report had been submitted to the committee, awaiting the president's action. They emphasized the importance of attending the NEC meeting after returning from Geneva before deciding on the ultimatum.

Organized labor, comprising the NLC and TUC, previously initiated a two-day nationwide strike to demand a new minimum wage and the reversal of electricity tariff hikes. The strike was suspended for five days to resume negotiations with the federal government, following commitments made after a meeting with the National Assembly in Abuja.

To expedite discussions, the President instructed the finance minister to present the cost implications of a new minimum wage within two days. Tinubu also urged collective efforts with the private sector and sub-national entities to establish an affordable wage award.

The finance minister presented the cost implications to Tinubu at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, with the president currently reviewing the proposal before making an official announcement.

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