Labour Reject Tinubu’s 62000 May Proceed On Strike Tuesday


The leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress asserts that the new ₦62,000 proposed by Bola Tinubu’s administration is unacceptable. Chris Onyeka, an Assistant General Secretary of the NLC, disclosed this during Channels Television’s The Morning Brief, which SaharaReporters monitored on Monday.

Onyeka, representing Labour, criticized the government’s offer as a "starvation wage," emphasizing that the union would only agree to ₦250,000 as the minimum wage, considering the current economic conditions.

He stated, “Our stance is clear. We reject ₦62,000 or any wage below what sustains Nigerian workers. Negotiating a starvation wage is out of the question."

“We never considered ₦100,000, let alone ₦62,000. We stand firm at ₦250,000, a concession we believe is fair given the economic realities and cost of living,” he added.

He noted that due to the government's failure to meet their demands within the one-week ultimatum, the union had no choice but to resume the nationwide strike on Tuesday.

He continued, “The ball is in the court of the Federal Government and the National Assembly. We await their response to our demands. If they fail to act after our one-week notice expires tomorrow, the Labour bodies will convene to decide the next course of action.”

Asked about Labour's response if the government insists on ₦62,000, Onyeka stated, “We are suspending, not terminating, the nationwide indefinite strike. If the governing body of trade unions decides to lift this suspension, we revert to our previous stance.”

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