I Was Enquired Severally In Abuja Whether I'll Leave Labour Party Soon

 Peter Obi, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the recent general elections, emphasized on Thursday that he remains a dedicated member of the party, addressing speculations surrounding his political allegiance.

"In unequivocal terms, ‘I uphold my unwavering allegiance to the Labour Party’," asserted the former Governor of Anambra. "This serves as my categorical response to all Nigerians who may question my party affiliation amidst recent reports and varying interpretations of recent political engagements."

He deemed it necessary to provide clarity due to remarks regarding his supporters, known as the "Obidient Movement."

Earlier on Thursday, reports surfaced, suggesting that Obi distanced his support group, the "Obidient" movement, from political parties in Nigeria.

Obi, in a statement shared on his social media platform, clarified that the movement does not align exclusively with any particular political entity, emphasizing its significance transcends any single party in the nation.

On May 30, the Labour Party highlighted the announcement of eight individuals tasked with overseeing the 'Obidient' Directorate, as part of the party's efforts to integrate numerous Nigerian youths, notably the 'Obidient' family, into the broader Labour Party community.

Responding to this report, Obi emphasized that individuals claiming leadership over what he described as a "non-existent directorate" do not represent the 'Obidient' movement.

He underscored the movement's broader scope beyond mere political affiliations, devoid of ethnic or religious biases.

In a subsequent statement on Thursday, the former governor clarified, "I was recently approached by a journalist at the Abuja airport seeking clarity on whether my remarks regarding the Obidient Movement signify my departure from the Labour Party. 

"To dispel any misconceptions among those holding such beliefs and the public at large, I reaffirm my steadfast commitment and loyalty to the Labour Party," he reiterated.

He continued, "As a party leader, in collaboration with fellow leaders, my aim is to reconcile our esteemed members and collaborate with like-minded individuals and parties nationwide to forge a robust and progressive party, thereby kick-starting the process of rebuilding a new Nigeria.

"My prior statement aimed to address concerns raised by our numerous supporters, some of whom are not affiliated with any political party but share a common desire for a new Nigeria. Our collective aspiration remains the realization of a new Nigeria."

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