Honourably Resign If You Can't Pay, Labour Fires Back At Governors

Organised Labour lambasted the state governors on Saturday, alleging their disingenuous approach to the ongoing negotiations regarding the new minimum wage in the nation.

The Nigeria Governors Forum, spearheaded by the governors, rebuffed the proposed N60,000 minimum wage for Nigerian workers, citing its exorbitance and lack of sustainability in a statement articulated by the NGF's Director of Media and Public Affairs, Halimah Ahmed.

The governors argued that implementing the N60,000 minimum wage would deplete states' Federal Account Allocation Committee funds, leaving scant resources for developmental projects.

In response, Organised Labour vehemently opposed the NGF's stance, insisting on the comprehensive implementation of every aspect of the new minimum wage agreement. Deputy National President of the Trade Union Congress, Tommy Etim, emphasized that governors unable to meet this obligation should relinquish their positions.

Etim criticized the governors for neglecting their primary governance duties and urged them to prioritize the populace's welfare over infrastructure development. He pointed out the irony of extravagant campaign spending juxtaposed with reluctance to meet workers' needs.

This rebuttal by Organised Labour deemed the NGF's statement as a catalyst for potential industrial unrest and underscored the need for constructive dialogue and action to address socio-economic challenges.

Additionally, the Nigerian Labour Congress denounced the governors' actions as a breach of good faith, highlighting the significant increase in FAAC allocations as evidence of their financial capacity to meet a reasonable national minimum wage. They called for measures such as reducing governance expenses, curbing corruption, and prioritizing worker welfare to enable the payment of a fair wage.

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