Many Feared Dead As Two Storey Building Collapse In Lagos

 In the Isale Eko vicinity of Lagos State, a two-storey edifice has crumbled, instigating trepidation and distress among inhabitants. Numerous individuals are purportedly ensnared within the structure, alleged to be compromised in its structural integrity.

The building's stability is purportedly compromised subsequent to a conflagration that ravaged segments of Dosunmu Market on Lagos Island. Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, the Lagos Territorial Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), corroborated the occurrence, mentioning that 14 additional structures suffered severe repercussions from the inferno.

In April, the intensity of the fire that swept through parts of Dosunmu Market on Lagos Island resulted in the collapse of four edifices.

He disclosed that emergency responders on-site encompassed NEMA, Federal and State Fire Services, the Nigeria Police, and the fire department of the Nigeria Ports Auth


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