Disregard! Its Fake;Obi Received No Money From Abure

Peter Obi

 Dr. Yunusa Tanko, the spokesperson for the Obi-Datti Chief, has responded to Mr. Calistus Okafofor's assertion regarding the alleged transfer of N850 million from the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Bar Julius Abure, to the presidential candidate, Peter Obi, for the purpose of funding the 2023 election campaign.

Tanko refuted the claim, asserting that Obi did not receive any funds from the party, deeming Okafofor's statement as erroneous. He emphasized in a statement disseminated to DAILY POST on Wednesday, that it was, in fact, Obi who contributed financial resources to the party. He challenged Okafofor to furnish evidence supporting the chairman's purported disclosure of disbursing funds to Obi for campaign expenses. Tanko affirmed his active involvement in the campaign, asserting that to the best of his knowledge, the party never directly allocated funds to Obi for his campaign endeavors nationwide.

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