P-squre's Separation Broke My Heart:Akon|Celebrity Gist Today

The legendary Senegalese -American musician, Akon said that the break up of Nigerian Music duo, P-square broke his heart. 

“It broke my heart because we are family. These are brothers and they shared the same womb and I always felt money should not get in between them,” he told Channels Television on the sidelines of the Expo 2020 Dubai.

During an interview with the Channels Television on the sideline of the Expo 2020 Dubai, he said :

"It really got my heart broken because we are just like family. They are brothers and shared the same womb and money shouldn't have be the bone of contention between them" 

He stretched that their separation is likely due to much pressure in their respective career and also relationship as he observed a lot of things do happens in the music industry. 

He added that it's their togetherness that has made them whom they were. But at times there is always a difference even between people of the same family and also there is another phase of it which might be pressure in relationship.

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