Fuel Tanker Engulfed By Fire As It Burst To Flame In Filling Station|Nigeria News Today


There was a fire outbreak at MM filling station along Kaima road in Alapa town, Kaima Local Government Area of Kwara State yesterday at about 18:19hrs. 

The outbreak, according to Hassam Kaseem Adekunle, spokesperson of the state Fire Brigade, was due to mechanical fault in the petrol tanker. 

The fire outbreak which leads to no life loss was later put out by the men of Kwara State Fire Brigade. However, the whole petrol tanker has been completely engulfed by fire due to the inability of the fire fighters to arrive the scene of incident and terrible state they later on met the incident. 

According to the spokesman, the vicinity of the filling station was not affected by the fire outbreak. 

The Director of the Fire Brigade, Prince Falade John Olumiyiwa thereby advice the filling station to procure all the necessary equipment which will aid the safety of their operations. 

He also advice the general public to be more careful in dealing with equipment which might cause fire outbreak. 

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