Doctor Defiles His 15-Year-Old Maid While Checking Her Virginity, Offers N1 Million to Keep It Secret

 activist Harrison Gwamnishu, the medical doctor brought a sum of N1 million to settle the matter.

“Nigerian activist, Harrison Gwamnishu has rescued a 15-year-old girl that was allegedly defiled by a medical doctor.
Gwamnishu said the teenage girl was defiled by the doctor under the guise of checking if she’s still a virgin.
He added that the medical doctor offered him N1 million to bury the case.
Harrison wrote, “CASH OF ONE MILLION NAIRA BRIBE TO CLOSE A SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE. Last two weeks, we received a complaint from an anonymous caller and pleaded we help handle a case of Child Sexual abuse.
We immediately activated our intervention team led by Harrison Gwamnishu to investigate the complaint.
A medical doctor under the guise of checking the virginity of a female maid, a minor living in his house defiled the victim.
Upon an investigation to uncover the truth, he openly denied the allegations. However, he confessed to Harrison Gwamnishu (Recorded via Spy Camera 📷) that he indeed perpetrated the act.
He offered Harrison the sum of One million naira for him not to reveal the secret and unjustly close the case. He then went to the bank and withdrew N1,000,000.00 and handed it over to HARRISON as a bribe to close the case not knowing Harrison has a Coconut head and will use the same as evidence against him.
Upon further fact-finding, it was discovered that he is a serial child rapist who has performed the act on multiple occasions. This evening, the suspect and the One Million Naira exhibit have been handed over to the law enforcement agency for further investigation/prosecution.”

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