Anambra police deploy operatives to stop Labour strike


The Police in Anambra State has sent its officers to important areas to make sure that nobody tries to enforce the strike declared by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

The spokesperson of the police command, SP Tochukwu, said that the police is with the federal government, which has said that the strike is not allowed. The police will do everything to stop the strike from being enforced, even if some bad people try to use it to cause trouble.

The police statement said: "The federal government has said that the strike by the Nigerian Labour Congress is not allowed. We want to remind everyone that we will follow the laws and keep everyone safe.

"We have sent police officers to different areas to stop anyone who tries to cause trouble. We know that workers have the right to protest, but they must do it in a way that follows the laws.

"We want people to go about their daily business and be careful. If you see anything suspicious, please call us. We also have a special app that you can use to report any security problems."

The police encourage people to download the app on their phones and use it to report any security issues.

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