Peter Obi: Establishment Of Criminality Did Not Allow INEC Server Work


Former Labor Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, LP, has said a “criminal plot” caused the crash of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) server during the last presidential election.

Emphasizing that people should have a day to take action, Obi explained that Amazon said that no errors were recorded worldwide on the day of the presidential election.

The former governor of Anambra State made this known on Friday while discussing issues related to the recent general elections in Canada, including IREV presenter.

DAILY POST reports that the LP presidential candidate visited Canada to “thank” Nigerians living in the country for supporting him in the 2023 campaign/general election: “Where did we go wrong in the last election? We did not go wrong. We did some good things. But as I always tell people: When you bring change, you're fighting all the people who lived the old way. They don't go; They collect. And don't think that this is simply a form of lifting the table. It is very far from anywhere in the world. Whether you look at what's happening in India, South Africa with Mandela, or what's happening in America, look everywhere. No change happened overnight, it takes time. I ask all of you: If you really want change, we've started. We must continue from where we are now.

“Yes, there may be one or two things we can fix, there may be things we can fix. I can assure you that we will fix these anonymously.

It won't be easy.

“INEC server was the same as the installation. The server wasn't working because it was the company running it. It's up to us to keep saying it will work. But there were no errors. Amazon later said there was no problem. The Amazon glitch is happening all over the world and has been documented all over the world. When we eliminated an Amazon person who said that's the number of mistakes we've made since we started. And no one was surprised that day.
We know this is not the case. An organized crime problem in the system. We have to do this one day. 

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