Peter Obi React To Nasarawa Women Nude Protest

The presidential candidat of Labour Party, Peter Obi responded to a demonstration by women in Nasarawa State. The women had stripped naked to show their anger about the governorship election, which they believed was unfairly won through cheating. "I just came across a sad, heartbreaking video where Nasarawa women staged a topless protest as a means of registering their displeasure with the election results. "The purpose of election is for citizens to participate in democratic governance through the representatives they elect. A grievous injustice occurs when citizens are denied the opportunity to vote in a free, fair and credible process or their mandate is stolen from them. "Our women who should be honoured and respected, and their rights protected, have been degraded and left to seek justice the only way they can trust by calling on their creator. "I remain committed to 40% affirmative action for women in political appointments and will encourage the same in the corporate world. As a nation, we must do better and ensure that the mandate of the people is not stolen from them."

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