[Event] Psalm 75 - Biggest Annual Praise Event hosted by Testimony House Int'l


Psalm 75 is a Praise and worship event hosted annually by Testimony House Int'l church located in Owerri Imo State.

The program has been always held for years now (Formally known as Psalm 100) but now officially Psalm 75.

This program has been blessing lives as it tagged "Cooking for Jehovah our creator". As it is widely known in Christendom that the sole purpose of God creating humanity is to worship and praise Him. While this praise offering is been offered to God, miracles and testimonies are recorded everywhere.

This year's 2022 season 6 holds on 14th of August 2022. It promises to be wonderful as usual 

  Testimony house is located behind Eze's palace orji, owerri Imo State.

Call 07062579898 for seat reservations and inquiries


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