US Soldier Flies Home To Surprise His Parents And Walks In On Them Having Sex

 A young man serving in the US military was excited to return home and surprise his parents after over two years oversees – but he got a surprise of his own when he unintentionally barged him on them having sex.

Joseph Pena, 20, from Colorado, was stationed in Germany for two and a half years, but when he was recently placed on rest and recuperation (R&R) leave, he booked a flight home to see his mother and father.

But Joseph saw a lot more than he bargained for when he let himself into their house and opened their bedroom door – finding his mom, Kaati Pena, 39, and dad, Richard Pena, 54, making love on the other side.

His sister, Josephine, caught the mortifying moment on camera and shared it on social media, where it has since gone viral.

Joseph Pena, 20, from Colorado, returned home from where he was stationed overseas and planned to surprise his parents – but he accidentally walked in on them having sex

‘We were surprised and beyond embarrassed,’ Kaati told Caters News about the incident.

‘My husband and I were “talking,” which was our code word for sex when the kids were little, and we were in the moment when the door got kicked open,’ she said.

‘We had no clue that our son Joseph was coming home on his R&R, and he told his sister Josephine, the camera lady, that he wanted to surprise us.’

In the video, Joseph can be seen excitedly running up the stairs and barging into his parents’ room without knocking.

‘It’s a robbery,’ he joked as he pushed open the door.

But to his horror, his parents were both naked in bed together. As soon as he realized what they were doing, he covered his eyes and backed out of the room.

‘Oh no, no, no,’ he said as his mom screamed, ‘Oh my God.’

The young man was left ‘scarred’ after he witnessed his mom, Kaati Pena, 39, and dad, Richard Pena, 54, getting intimate and spent the rest of his military leave avoiding them

‘I screamed because I saw my son and, of course, realized he saw everything exposed,’ Kaati recalled of the unfortunate moment.

After witnessing his parents in the intimate moment, Kaati said Joseph was ‘scarred’ and decided to spend his military leave with his girlfriend in an attempt to ‘avoid’ his mom and dad.

‘Our poor son was scarred during his R&R, and spent most of his time with his sister and his girlfriend,’ she explained.

‘He texted and called daily but avoided coming over to the house and we were OK with it because he needed to enjoy his R&R and not be scarred by what he saw.

‘I’m sure he’s trying his best to erase the visual memory of the incident, but living with us will only remind him of how Eve and Adam conceived the whole world.’

Since sharing the video online, Kaati said they have received a lot of ‘epic’ responses.

‘The comments are on fire and most are roasting our son for not knocking. To this day it’s still being viewed, and comments are still pouring in,’ she said.

Source:- Daily Mail

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