Man Shares His Experience With Boarding School Over His Son|Nigeria News Today

 A Nigerian man and father, Mike Ekunno, has in the light of the death of a student of Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni, narrated how he withdrew his son from a boarding school in 2018, Igbere TV reports.

Following the death of a student of Downen College who was alleged tortured to death for refusal to join cult, Nigerian fathers has now been very conscious about the well being of their child or children in the boarding schools across the country. While some others are also sharing their horrible past experience about the well being of their children. 

A report here is one Mr Mike Ekunno who has quickly withdrawn his son from boarding school back in 2018 due to maltreatment and bullying of his son by a senior in the school. 

He took to his Facebook timeline to share his horrible experience yesterday, December 5 to share the copy of the withdrawal letter and attached a write up. 

According to him, he has to pull the child out even if it has to cost him his promotional exam. 

He said that despite his son is intelligent, free-spirited and bold,  he and his mother were totally shocked as his son transformed in no time on his intelligence and some other personality since he enrolls him in the school. He also added that his son has lost an obvious amount of weight. 

The man added that seniors like David, Charles, Ebuka, Paul who are in SS2 are the one behind continuously bullying of his son

See the letter below:

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