Two Killed, Five Injured As FRSC Bus Rammed To A Shop


Two people has been reportedly killed and five sustained severe injuries has the bus of FRSC lost control and rammed to a shop opposite Alkaleri Central Motor park, along Bauchi-Gombe highway, Bauchi state. 

When the  Sector Commander, FRSC, Bauchi State, Yusuf Abdullahi, was contacted, he confirmed the accident, and said five other persons also sustained varying degrees of injury.

He said the driver of the patrol vehicle developed a sudden health challenge while on motion and ran into some people who were i

n front of a shop.

Abdullahi said 14 people, comprising  five male adults, five female adults, two male children and two female children were involved in the crash.

He added that the accident also involved the FRSC vehicle, a tricycle and two motorcycles.

He said, “It is true there was an accident. Our personnel were returning to the base after the routine patrol and suddenly, the driver shouted and ‘switched off’ on the steering. That was what happened. What happened next was that his vehicle went off the road completely.”

He expressed regret over the incident, saying that, “health challenge can happen to anybody and at anytime."

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