Pastor Strangles His Wife To Death In Rivers

pastor stangled wife to death

 Nigerian  Police has nabbed the pastor of Shalom Mercy Ministry, Pastor Chris Simon Amadi in Aluu, Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State for allegedly strangling his wife to death.

According to to the relation of the deceased who plead to be anonymity, it's learnt that they are married since 2012 and blessed with four kids. However,  on several occasions the deceased has been a punching bag to her husband, but they don't actually reason it will get to the extent of killing her. 

See his statement below:

"When the wife confronted him, the pastor strangled her to death and wrapped her with clothes so that nobody will know".

"It was when we started calling her number but she wasn't picking that we decided to go to the house to know if everything is fine."

"When we got there, her phone kept ringing inside her room but we didn't see her. We asked her husband the wife's whereabouts, he said she went out."

"We were shocked when we saw my sister wrapped inside clothes. The husband has been beating the wife from time to time but we didn't it will get to the extent of him killing her".

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