FAAN To Ban Bribe Takers From Working At Nigerian Airports

 The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has warned bribe-takers at Nigeria’s airports they will be barred for life from working at FAAN airport terminals across the country, regardless of whether the violator is a government or private sector staff.

This is because of the rising cases of acts of indiscipline at the nation’s airports.

The FAAN Managing Director, Capt. Rabiu Yaduda told journalists in Abuja on Monday after an emergency meeting with FAAN’s management, some airport managers and the Special Adviser to the President on Ease of Doing Business, Dr Jumoke Oduwole, said the indiscipline at the airports is embarrassing FAAN and Nigeria.

Our correspondent reports that there have been a plethora of videos from Nigerian airport users exposing corruption at the airports, including acts of soliciting and taking bribes by workers at the airports, especially at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

“Recently, we had videos showing the acts of indiscipline and extortions at our airports.

“They are embarrassing to FAAN, the aviation industry, and Nigeria.

“So we had a management meeting comprising all FAAN airport managers, with the special Adviser to the President on Ease of Doing Business,” Capt. Yaduda said.

He explained that the meeting would be escalated at all the airports across the country.

“After this meeting, all the airport managers will meet with their airport team and head of departments.

“They will also meet with the airlines and other stakeholders at their airports.

“They will inform them that any violation or acts of indiscipline, recorded or caught, FAAN will escalate.

“We will write to their companies and any violator will lose his or her On Duty Card (ODC) permanently, which means you will lose your access card into the airport terminal permanently,” he said.

This means that the government agency or the private sector organisation must replace that staff.

“We also agreed that all personnel working at the airports must have their names boldly and visibly written in front of your shirt or jacket.

“We will announce these new measures, we will put signages in strategic positions and numbers for whistleblowers” he further explained.

While commenting on the issue, the Special Adviser to the President on Ease of Doing Business, Dr Jumoke Oduwole, said citizens should escalate acts of indiscipline at the airports to relevant authorities.

She said: “This indiscipline cuts across agencies, the private sector and vendors that work at the airport.”

Source:- Daily Trust

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