AbdulKadir Rahis Sacks His Aide For Describing Abubakar Shekau As A “True Hero”

 The lawmaker representing Maiduguri federal Constituency, Abdulkadir Rahis has sacked his aide Bukar Tanda, for describing Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau as a “true hero”, IgbereTV reports.

Tanda who reacted to report of Shekau blowing up himself to avoid being captured by fighters of the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) — a breakaway faction of Boko Haram, had said that the leader of Boko Haram “lived a life of hero and died a true hero”.

A Facebook post shared by the lawmaker’s aide, read;

“I admire and appreciate his courage to terminate his life. He lived a life of a hero and died a true hero. He did it in such a way that not even traces of his corpse will be found.”
Tanda has now been sacked by his principal who said his “actions, utterances and opinion of recent are at variance with his interest, constituency and the APC.

The letter Rahis personally signed, read;

“I wish to formally write and notify you of the termination of your appointment as my legislative aide, forthwith.

“Your actions, utterances and opinion of recent are at variance with my interest, that of my constituency and our great party, the APC.

“The letter also serve as a disclaimer to any action or position you took or wish to take, on any matter that may have the remotest connection with me as a person or my office.”
Reacting to his sack, Bukar Tanda stated that his intention was not to support Shekau. He said that his statement was merely philosophical and metaphorical, but got misunderstood.

Bukar Tanda wrote on his Facebook handle;


My Dear Friends and Associates please note that as a conscious and enlightened citizen of Nigeria, it should be noted that in view of the trending allegations my most urgent concern and priority shouldn’t be joining issues with anyone who is entitled to his opinion but to ensure the proof of my innocence particularly from all the relevant Government authorities.

However, for the sole purpose of record and posterity, I wish to categorically state that I have never in my entire life shared anything in common with any criminal person or group under whatever pretext and I hold no sympathy nor affection to any of such characters. To this effect, for anyone to perceived and believe that I will have sympathy or affection for terrorists is highly unfortunate and most regrettable.

Indeed, I have a very rich practical experience of the extent of destruction and atrocities committed by the BHT and related terrorists group against innocent souls. Since 2011 to date, I was directly engaged through several Local and International Projects and Program with the ultimate goal of direct countering of the narratives and ideologies of the terrorists and extremists. I have excellent records of accomplishments in the direct fight against the extremists narratives. I have traveled across almost all the States of North East to sensitize communities against the ideologies of terrorist organization.

From 2011 through to 2015, my name has been in the Assassination list of the BHT, but all the tracking effort of BHT to execute could not come to reality. While I was lucky to survive many others could not including many of my closest friends and relatives. BHT remained the worst creatures ever lived in the history of mankind. This is general view I hold against the BHT and I drew this conviction from the words of our Noble Prophet Muhammad SAW when he was describing to his companions the likes and characteristics of BHT.

Thus, in view of the above practical experience, it is my conviction that no one will ever believe that I will hold any iota of sympathy or affection to the course of BHT and related terrorists. I’m also very confident that Non among the Social Media Drumbeaters will be ready and willing to avail himself to give a convincing testimonies before any Court of Law that I have sympathy and affection for terrorists.

Therefore, I wish to use this platform to appeal and call on all subject to be considerate in their conduct in this matter. This matter have been exceedingly politicized and ideally it shouldn’t. Despite our contrary Political Interest, I expect that there is a limit to what we can Politicized. I personally viewed this to be too extreme. Our rule of Political engagement should not reach this too far. Anything that questions or capable of jeopardizing integrity and reputation should not easily used as an Political instrument.

In conclusion, I wish to greatly appreciate the very timely proactiveness and concern of the appropriate Security Service for inviting me and interrogating me in a highly professional and ethical manner. My engagement with the Security Service team remain one of the best moment in this overflouted allegations against my personal integrity and reputation. I am very delighted that I was respectfully invited and interrogated.

All should note that I deliberately avoided to speak to the message that brought about this unfortunate division amongst ourselves and I will never discuss the content of the message. My decision on not to speak on the message is basically on the ground that ” Action can only be satisfactorily judged and or measured by Intention”. My intension was not geared toward sympathy or affection to Shekau. In the Post, I only tried to be metaphorical and philosophical in my expression just as the Author of the Post did i.e. Ahmed Lawan Dalorima

Despite the all that happened, I hold no grudge against anyone who have speak against or for. I took personal and unilateral responsibility for all that happened and accused nobody for any wrongdoing. I have learnt a lifetime lesson and have now have clear idea of the companies to relate with. In this matter, I have acquired rare privilege of recognition which itself is a great honour.

To Honourable Abdulkadir Rahis, I cannot find the right words to express my appreciation for the opportunity to serve as your Aide and more importantly for the spirit of brotherhood you shared with me although our memorable years of togetherness. Your decision to terminate my appointment is well accepted and in good faith and I found nothing wrong in your decision. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Mighty Thanks to all for the calls, messages and sincere show of brotherhood spirit.


Source:- Igbere Tv

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