LET’s TALK!!! Who Do You Think It The Biggest Artist From The East?

Hi Guys

The entertainment industry in the past few year have been all about the dudes from west and those based in the west hence making the whole entertainment lovers forgetting to give regards to some from other part of the country.
The way the industry is being designed, if you can’t be based in Lagos or be based strategically in any other part of the world, you can’t go too far in the industry.
This afternoon, I wanted to do a post about phyno being the biggest artiste to ever emerge from the east and something just struck my mind about the wealth of better eastern artistes that have graced the entertainment industry.
From the likes of Ill Bliss, Mr Raw, Flavour, Zoro, and so much more and these guys ruled the game from the east.
But then, I decided to ask you Guys, 👇

Who Do You Think Is The Biggest Artist From The East?

Lets have your say on this
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