Pop Stars Need to Drop New Tracks All the Time in Order to Be Successful

Pop stars are under an immense amount of pressure when it comes to delivering new music all the time. Some pop stars even have to release two albums every year, but why is the pace so explosive? The music industry this year can be compared in some ways to a Pez sweet dispenser. People are demanding a new stream of songs every single week, like clockwork. Philippakis is just one of the many growing artists who are trying to respond to this very fast-moving change by increasing the pace at which he releases songs. Foals are going to put out their second album of 2019 and this is going to be released in October. The Big Thief are going to be releasing their second LP in October and the 1975 are going to be rolling out their new album Notes on a Conditional Form just 8 months after they put out their previous album.
The Music Industry
The music industry is forever changing, that’s for sure. It is very demanding as well because new sounds are always required. Take NetBet casino for example. They need new sounds for their games and slot machines because the sound effects need to reflect the experience. People work endlessly behind the scenes to make things happen, so it’s not just in pop music that you see this increase in demand.
Artists and Independence
A lot of artists choose to publish tracks independently. They release fast and furious music, but the problem is that it just isn’t anything new. Ariana Grande released an album entitled “Thank U, Next” and this came six months after her LP known as Sweetener. Two months later, she moved on with a single Monopoly, followed by Boyfriend. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s at the top with her song Don’t Call me Angel. This was a collaboration with Miley Cyrus. It’s hard to keep up with the pace but it is safe to say that things are happening at a very alarming rate.
Studio Albums
The studio album was once a valued commodity. When you look back at the year 2000, you will see that the US music industry earnt over 90% of its total revenue from the albums that they sold, in CD format. This was the peak of power for the industry, but things have changed a lot since then. In 2019, it was actually streaming that accounted for 80% of the industry’s income. Paul Trueman who is the GM for an independent label has stated that this has really shifted priorities and that the focus is now on something completely different. Streaming is such an accessible platform, people are now having to deal with much more pressure. Artists need to be listed on playlists and they also need to rank at the top too. If you don’t then you may end up right at the bottom of Spotify’s New Music category and this will really go against you in terms of sales.

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