Finest Face Modeling Agency Review

***AGENCY BIO. IN 2018,Finest face event and entertainment management agency was born and began its journey into event making, real entertainment, developing the talent and skills of the young people without looking back.

Finest face event and entertainment management agency is a registered agency under cooperate affairs commission and without doubt has achieved proficiently in the coast of event making and real entertainment. We are poised towards developing the talent abilities of the young and making them outstanding figures in nation building through talents and skills.moreover,our project has contributed immensely in reducing youthful criminalities and other indecent activities indulge by youths.

***AIM MANY of our youths are highly talented and skillful, but due to lack of support/proper training, they remain unproductive to the society and some may not show case what God has given to them as gift/talent. So we've come to realize that contributing positively will go a long way to helping our youths through talent and skills, as well acquisition training, development and empowerment.

***FINEST FACE MODELING AGENCY..... The Mr/Miss finest face eastern Nigeria and Mr/Miss finest face Nigeria competition is a male and female beauty pageant sponsored by the finest face modeling agency/finest face event and entertainment management agency. The competition is biennial and was founded in 2018 and 2019. The entrants compete in various activities including skills and talent shows such as cat- working/modeling, fashion,dancing, singing etc.

*****MR/MISS FINEST FACE EASTERN NIGERIA AND MR/MISS FINEST FACE NIGERIA..... During every Mr/Miss F.F.N. competition we receive a number of entries from from different States in Nigeria WHILE Mr/Miss F.F.E.N. receives number of entries from just the eastern states. The winners are then selected through a very diligent process and must meet specific competition requirements

****LEADING PAGEANT.... Mr/Miss F.F.E.N. was founded in 2018 while Mr/Miss F.F.N.was founded in 2019. Since then, Mr/Miss F.F.E.N. and F.F.N. was and still is, one of the most successful and biggest events in Nigeria. Tickets are sold out every year in all States in the country Nigeria.

***EXCITING EVENT.... We are looking forward to Mr/Miss F.F.E.N. 2019.It is all happening in the city of Owerri IMO state

***ABOUT THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.... ENWEREJI CHUKWUDI KINGSLEY, is a practicing chef,A model and also into event and management, from Ezinihitte Mbaise L.G.A in IMO state Nigeria. He is also a part time model at paragon Nigeria talent. Chukwudi Kingsley has also won the prestigious title of Mr paragon Nigeria 2017/2018 and also a polytechnic model 2014/2015 which was held in Owerri IMO state Nigeria. Chukwudi Kingsley is also working closely with various hotels, charitable organization and modeling agencies.

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