Who Do You Think Is The Best Song Writer In The Nigerian Music Industry?

The Nigerian music industry is filled with a lot of talented acts who can sing gloriously and also express their exceptional writing skills in their music compositions.
It is a known fact that one of the greatest factors to consider when picking a good song is the lyrics. The words in a song have to be top-notch and one that listeners can find really interesting, intelligent, realistic and relatable.
Sadly for Nigerian music listeners, there are not many artistes who make brilliant music compositions  as commercial gains is what is on top of artistes’ mind when they make music.
However, there are a few who write brilliant lyrics that help to cure any notion about the mediocrity in Nigerian music and that exactly what this article is for.
Meanwhile, we would like to have your opinion on who you consider the best song writers in the Nigerian music industry and hope you drop them below.
Who is the best song writer in the Nigerian music industry?

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