Young6ix wishes his younger sister happy birthday – disregards her twin brother

Rapper Young6ix has twin siblings (a boy and a girl) you probably did not know who celebrated their birthday yesterday. The rapper, being their elder brother, dropped a birthday wish, however, only for the girl and not the boy.

For whatever reason, the rapper refused to celebrate his young handsome brother on his birthday and only celebrated his sister. It was quickly deduced that both guys could be having some sort of family issues just like Paul and Peter Okoye. Thankfully, his sister had taken to social media to celebrate herself and her twin brother.

That move by Young6ix has been hugely criticized by the rapper, as fans opine that he should have endeavored to celebrate his younger brother alone with his younger sister or desist from celebrating any of them. His action has now revealed that there is some sort of rift going on in his family between him and his younger brother.

In all this, what did not elude notice was the beauty and handsomeness of the twins. While male fans drooled over the rapper adorable sister and made silly wishes, female fans just couldn’t get enough of his younger brother. Hbd to them.

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