I Am Not As Rich As Davido – Don Jazzy Makes Shocking Revelation In Instagram Interview

Mavin boss; Don Jazzy granted his Instagram followers a sort of mini interview on the platform earlier today which was quite revealing.
The singer and music business mogul is known to have a personality that is opened and receptive to every ‘sensible’ person and he once again proved that on the gram.
In the conversation he had with his followers, he revealed some things that even the greatest of spies in the music industry do not know. He disclosed that he isn’t as rich as Davido as well as other shocking things…
See the conversation below:
How do you sustain Mavins without any issues with artistes?
Patience, maturity and understanding
Where did you find Rema?
D’prince found him on Instagram
What’s your all time favourite movie?
The Godfather
How would you define Korede’s sound?
I’m a big fan of Ladipoe. What did you think about the “Talk About Poe” project?
He is the best. Ofcourse i loved the project. More dope records soon
What inspired you into music sir?
At first it started with me always wanting to be part of the church band. I was a kid but I always disturbed them to let me play.They refused but my mom bought me my own little conga drums to take to church.So I would just put it by them and would play along since I had my own instrument. Till they saw I was good and counted me in.,My mom and I did the same thing  with the guitar. She bought me my own guitar.
Production came about cos I just always wanted to lay down all the music that keeps on playing in my head. Im always humming always writing melodies in my head.So when I find a computer I just put them down. Different  artistes heard them and felt they were dope and boom “its don jazzy again”
Will you drop any album soon?
Should I
What do you do for fun? Aside making us laugh here
Gist with friends.I love making new friends actually.Play video games,movies,travel etc
How possible is it for an artiste to blow without having funds to promote himself?
It is very possible. but rare at the same time.Truth is that talent is about 20% of the work. Perfect that one sha. Cos having all the money doesn’t necessarily mean that you will blow.
Can you do a collaboration with DNA?
Yes you can
Whats your favorite colour?
Things you did in the past business wise and life wise you will advise a young man like myself not do?
Bought about 7 cars I dint have now. Used to pop 7o bottles of champagne  in the club and I don’t drink it. If you’re not really loaded don’t get into the habit of flying first class. Its a scam. I started too early when my money never reach lol. Read more books.I started that late. Never stop learning.
Your favorite childhood memories with the prince?
That was his birthday party when he turned Five. My first ever live performance.
What attracts you to a woman?
Calmness, kindness, realness,and openness. If I sense that you are hiding shit from me I always run.
Do you ever get offended when people use your name for expensive jokes?
Never that. I love to laugh.Its not that deep. I know the comedians are just trying to create content to feed. Then another angle if it is funny enough  and I repost it It’s content for me too. Keeps my fans entertained . Everybody is happy. All is in order.
What daw have you been using to make music in the past?
Logic pro
Do you play FIFA 19, if yes, drop your psn-ID? Lets go online
Yes I do. But i’m on Xbox sadly
Why are you so kind-hearted?
Well, will i say i got it from my mama. She is the kindest person in the world.
You are the only Nigerian celebrity i follow. How does that make you feel?
I appreciate but why are you not following some more? Truth is we all need the support we can get. I’m sure there are some of us that would really appreciate the follow and active engagement. last last na all of us dey try push afrobeats to the world. “Naija to  theworld,” “Africatotheworld.” We are more than 180 million people in Naija. Imagine if 50 million people are following Davido, the rest of the world will definitely pay more attention. If all of us click on the link on the bio when an artiste drops a jam, it drives the numbers high, the world will listen. I’m just saying sha.
Are you richer than OBO?
If i recommend an artist for you to sign, will you sign him?
I can’t promise anything. But pls feel free to send to my dm  any artist you are feeling.
Do you feel most of the ladies who send you direct messages want to date you?
When i’m not mad
Who is your girlfriend?
Lol, you will meet her soon
Just want to say my sis and i love you, your personality, music and page. We wish to come to naija 1day
Thanks a lot, i appreciate and God bless you. Nigeria is fun, you will love it.
What would you have done differently with Mo-HITS?
Nothing, Mohits will forever remain a masterpiece
Is it possible to be your friend ? I’m married though, just wanna get to talk to you. If you don’t mind please
Yeah sure, you’re always welcome
Where is Teeklef that won the Enigma beat stuff you did? I thought you would sign him
Ermmmm! IBK Spaceshipboi won the Enigma competition and we have worked together since then. Besides i promised money not signing and i fulfilled.
I like your nose, how do you feel inhaling almost 10 people’s oxygen?
It’s not healthy o. Your armpit is smelling me like this.
Are you single?
Pls i’m taken.

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