Daddy Showkey calls out EFCC and APC over Naira Marley’s arraignment

Nigerian veteran singer, Daddy Showkey has lashed out at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for Naira Marley’s arraignment, condemning their hypocrisy by treating Naira Marley like he’s worse than Nigerian politicians.

The singer questioned the EFCC about the politicians in Nigerian who do nothing but rip the nation off its wealth. He also questioned the government of the day about the bombings that once had the day in Nigeria. According to Daddy Showkey, instead of tackling those sensitive issues, they are throwing their weight behind Naira Marley’s matter
He made a video of himself lashing out at the EFCC and APC, and fans fear that he might be next in line for arraignment over his words. Daddy Showkey even placed a curse on EFCC officials and their children. He said this;

“You treat Naira Marley as if he stole Nigeria’s money. All the politicians that have stolen from Nigeria, what have you done to them? Now, you treat Naira Marley like a slave. Don’t worry, you all have children and your children will have their share of what you’re doing to Naira Marley. It’s not like you provide jobs or anything. God will punish all of you.

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