As An Upcoming Artiste, A Feature With Davido Or $50 Million (Which Do You Prefer)

Everybody wants to sing nowadays, everybody wants to be known, even some celebrities are still craving for more popularity especially in the music sector. That is why upcoming artistes still try their possible best to get features on a song with an A list artiste.


I guess to boost their upcoming music career they have to feature an artiste that is well known and accepted. Most listeners won’t want to willfully listen to your songs mostly if you are still upcoming. But when they get to know that artiste like Davido, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage or even Wizkid is on your track, they would want to listen to the song.

Davido alone is the highest followed celebrity on Instagram in Nigeria with over 6+ million followers. Now, imagine you got to feature Davido on one of your tracks and he reposts it on his IG handle, that means automatically over 6 million people will see you and if you are lucky a record label might even sign you.

This strategy has since been working for a whole lots of musical artistes in Nigeria. But some upcoming talents in the music sector will disagree with me on this, WHY?

They believe that when you have the money and you pump it into your musical career, it will give you the boost at the end of the day instead of trying to get to feature an A list artiste. Imagine taking your track to the whole of ‘alaba’ market and paying all DJs, music seller or traders to play your songs every now and then.

They believe having the money to promote your songs will give you the popularity you need. They believe when you spend a lot in your marketing strategy, there won’t be a need to feature any A listed artiste so as to boost your song.

Just imagine having $50 Million (#18,000,000,000), #18 Billion Naira in Nigeria currency and then using it to promote your songs across all platforms possible. Well, some artistes are lone wolves, they will prefer doing it all by themselves than feature any other celebrities.

They all have their individual tack-tis that will or will not work for them when it comes to promoting their musical career.

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As An Upcoming Artiste, A Feature With Davido Or $50 Million (Which Do You Prefer)
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