[Gist] Peter Okoye prays for Ndi Igbos to have abundant Money

Popular Nigerian singer Peter Okoye, who is twin brother to Paul Okoye from the P-Square band; today said a money prayer in favor of the Igbo people of Nigeria, based on the nationwide assumption from other ethnic groups that Igbo people love money too much; Nigeria Music Network is gisting you.
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Some fans understood the prayer is just a joke or some sort of humor that amuses those who read it and get it; while others reacted negatively with some calling Peter "Selfish". Other fans, laughed at the joke, and many others claimed the prayer in their personified ways.

Without further ado, below is Peter Okoye's controversial prayer, followed by some of the comments that followed:

This prayer is 4 all IGBOS:
Dear MONEY, since all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, agree & constantly confirm that it is only the IGBOS that LOVE you so much. Please rise and visit every Igbo person struggling anywhere around the globe...visit them wit all your different clothes like DOLLARS, POUNDS, EUROS and NAIRA. You may leave out other TRIBES since they keep denying u in public .. Amen!....
If u are proudly lgbo, let me hear a thunderous Igbotic Ameeeeeen!!!.
Ngwa biko bless another nwa afor'Igbo with this message.

We call it a controversial prayer, because a great deal of fellow Nigerians won't hesitate to react to such prayer. See what some fans have said already, just few minutes after Peter Okoye shared the prayer via his Facebook Page:

Amos IG said: "selfish prayer, u dey 4 yoruba land dey pray dis prayer, go ur village n continue d prayer abeg (let me continue ma work jare)"
Francine Mapenzi had this to say: "Hahahaaaa!!! U killed me oooo, what a powerful prayer!! God don't forget my Yoruba king"
Salimot Abubakar from Lagos said: "thank God cos my boyfriend be igbo"
Mambwe Saikolo from Zambia said: "if this was a Zambian prayer it would have been for the Bemba tribe" (*cheesing*)
Prince Kuku who studies at UNIBEN had this to say: "see ur iron face, uppon compesation wen we dey give u, u dey pray 4 ur tribe only, na only igbo pple dey buy ur music?, go sleep & wake up again with another prayer."
Lucy Dore said: "You are bored with too much money nothing to do now you playing with God's prayer.... I am not Naija.... I support all tribes so should you.... You chop all tribe money..... You don't just sell your music to Igbos......Don't narrow your mind like that....."
Senzile Lisa Ncube, who studies Info Comm. Tech in Boston said: "hahaha that's funny man....! people just loosen up and don't take it personal"
Kolawole Oluwaseun said: "E go visit d yorubas too cos ijebu to like money..."
Byron Coleman said: "If money don't visit other tribes how are they going to buy ur cd's or come for ur shows you perform every where ...I hate your prayer because I'm a Yoruba gangsta 4real.."
Ogbonna Pascal Wester said "Some of u guise dat re commenting nit-wit,re you trying to tell me dat u don't like money,and who doesn't like money in dis crazy world ans me?"

What do you think of Peter Okoye's money prayer? Do you refute it or do you claim it? Share your thoughts on Nigeria Music Network.