Minimum Wage: I will approve what Nigeria can afford – Tinubu


**Tinubu Vows to Approve New Minimum Wage, Promises Affordable Solution**

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has announced that he will approve a new minimum wage, but only one that the government can afford. The President made this statement during a dinner to mark Nigeria's 25 years of unbroken democracy in Abuja on Wednesday, June 12.

In his remarks, Tinubu thanked those who have stood by him over the years and reiterated his commitment to democratic governance. He emphasized that the minimum wage will be set at a level that is reasonable and affordable for both the government and citizens.

The President used a proverbial phrase to drive his point home, saying "cut your coat according to your size, if you have size at all." This suggests that the government will not overspend or set an unrealistic minimum wage that cannot be met.

In addition to addressing the minimum wage issue, Tinubu also promised to tackle the problem of banditry, which has forced many farmers to abandon their farms. He believes that by addressing this issue, food prices will come down and make it more affordable for Nigerians.

Overall, the President's comments suggest that he is committed to finding a balance between the government's financial capabilities and the needs of its citizens.

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