Governors Should Be Placed On Minimum Wage To Feel Workers Pain- Soludo


The governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo, emphasized the necessity for governors and other elected representatives to receive minimum wage in line with Nigeria's current economic situation. He highlighted the financial strain facing the nation amidst the ostentatious lifestyles exhibited by government officials, which he addressed during a special edition of The Platform, an event orchestrated by The Covenant Nation to foster national development.

Soludo emphasized the dire economic condition of Nigeria, attributing it to the extravagant habits of government officials that deplete the nation's resources. He advocated for transparency, urging elected officials to acknowledge the country's poverty and refrain from exacerbating the plight of the impoverished with their insensitivity.

The governor aligned with Reverend Father Mbaka's proposition that elected governors should receive minimum wage, underscoring the importance of shared experiences with the populace. Soludo disclosed his personal stance, revealing that he has not accepted a salary since assuming office, opting instead to donate it to the state as a symbolic gesture.

In addition, Soludo called for a reevaluation of spending habits among his peers, proposing the formulation of a new code of conduct for public officers. He emphasized the disparity between projected revenues and actual expenditures, highlighting the need for fiscal prudence. Soludo urged fellow officials to be mindful of the implications of their expenditures on the citizens they serve, warning that a disregard for public trust would lead to irreparable societal decay.

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