Mountain Of Gold In Congo: Villagers Discover A Mountain Full Of Gold In Congo

 Videos have emerged online showing the moment villagers in Congo discovered what has been tagged The mountain of gold in congo.

In the viral video circulating, the villagers could bee seen digging the mountain containing the gold deposits and taking the soil back to their homes in order to wash the dirt and extract the gold.

El Dorado in real life!

Congolese Villagers get the biggest surprise of their lives, after discovering a whole mountain full of Gold!

They are digging the soil with gold deposits in it, and taking them home.

A video from the Republic of the Congo documents the biggest surprise for some villagers in this country, as an entire mountain filled with gold was discovered!
They dig the soil inside the gold deposits and take them to their homes in order to wash the dirt& extract the gold.

Villagers has discovered a treasure mountain. The whole mountain is gold! People are digging and just taking the soil back to their homes, the gold to be washed and then smelted into dory.
Sadly,Congo is one of the poorest country we have in Africa. Whites have misused us

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