I Can Only Control My Personal Security Guards – Tinubu Denies Being Involved In Lekki Toll Gate Shooting

 Bola Tinubu, an All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain, has denied any involvement in the Lekki tollgate shootings which claimed lives.

The Lagos politician who was interviewed via telephone by a Channels TV reporter Olu Philips, expressed shock over the shooting and also revealed that he is ready to complain to the highest authorities.

Tinubu denied ordering the shooting and also stated that he can only control his security guard. He again reiterated that he will never be part of any group that uses live ammunition against protesters.

Insisting that he has always been an activist, the APC Chieftain expressed sympathy for the victims of the incident and advised the federal government to “fish out whoever gave the order (for the shooting) and put them on trial”. He also recalled how he was falsely accused of being behind #EndSARS protests.

Tinubu who noted that he doesn’t believe that Buhari ordered the shooting, appealed for calm over the incident. He also denied having a stake in the Lekki toll gate or suffering a loss due to the continous blockage of the area by #EndSARS protesters.

He Said;

“It is early hours of the morning, there’s no way I can talk to the authorities or wake them up now. I have tried to reach the NSA, I have tried to reach the head of the army.

“You don’t call the president at this hour, but I strongly condemn the act. There are other means of settling or dispersing protest. Why would they use live bullets? There are rubber bullets.

“I am not even sure yet they are Nigerian army, I am not sure how well the uniforms of the army are controlled. But that is not as critical as the bloodshed that has occurred.

“We have lost our sleep, we have lost our peace of mind, (and) we just have to deal with it.”

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