Pastor Ibiyeomie’s Attack On Daddy Freeze Is Reprehensible

Daddy Freeze; On-Air Personality and radio presenter suffered a dreadful attack at the hands of a clergyman which cannot reasonably be swept under the carpet; under any guise.
Daddy Freeze ( Ifedayo Lucien Olarinde) is  also a social commentator whose views are sometimes controversial, but whose opinions are always expressed in a clear, concise manner. I myself disagree with some of the things he says; just as he does not claim to always be right. Even another Pastor, Ben Akabuezehas said- “Occasionally I intervene to point out his error”.

Daddy Freeze’s traducer, David Ibiyeomie is the founder and General Overseer of Salvation Ministries; a Port Harcourt-based church with branches across several states in Nigeria.

Daddy Freeze, a budding Scripture Teacher who also has a passion for relationships had made an online post saying that-submission between a man and his wife should be mutual. Freeze backed his position with a few verses of scripture
Before this, the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, Dr David Oyedepo had also made a post on social media on the topic of submission in marriage. For the record, here are their 2 posts:
‘The only way to a fruitful marriage is total submission on the part of the wife. Until it is in place, every other thing she tries to do will be out of place.’ Eph 5:22 -Bishop Oyedepo.
Daddy Freeze expanded on that, and posted: Dear Bishop Oyedepo, submission goes both ways. It is not reserved for women alone, rather both the husband and wife must submit to one another. Eph 5:21 -Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.
Freeze further said that the men are instructed first to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave his life for her.
Further, they are to love their wives as they love themselves. He gave scriptural references for his position. Eph. 5:25,33.
A protégé  of Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Ibiyeomie disagreed with Daddy Freeze- but did not state why. In a  televised sermon, he threatened Daddy Freeze if he “ever insulted Bishop Oyedepo again”. In the Pastor’s words- “I will kill you. I will crush you to pieces”.
Not done; right there on the pulpit, the pastor announced, “I curse the day you were born”. Repeatedly in his ‘sermon’, the Pastor called Daddy Freeze a bastard.
Pastor Ibiyeomie  further went on to denigrate broadcasting in a viral video showing his preaching of Sunday 6th September. Surprisingly Pastor Ibiyeomie is also a televangelist! It is, to say the least, ironic that a televangelist who himself wants all his sermons to be broadcast, would deride and disdain the broadcaster, saying that broadcasting is not “a good job”.
Although some have tried to minimise the gravity of his words and actions, still, there are certain things Pastor Ibiyeomie needs to know-
A topic posted by anyone on social media is open to general discourse; otherwise it should be reserved for private group meetings. This one I am sharing, for instance, is open to all comments and responses.
Calling Freeze a bastard, just for expressing his views on submission in marriage is insulting not only to Freeze, but it is deeply insulting to his mother. Incidentally, I have met Freeze’s parents. Both are erudite scholars and theirs is a family of distinguished academics. Freeze’s mother whom the Pastor publicly insults is a Professor of Law. Prof Smeralda Elisabeta Olarinde is currently the Acting Vice Chancellor of Afe Babalola University, a notable private university in Nigeria. She is a former Sub-Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. She is from Romania while her husband, Freeze’s father is from Osun State. Daddy Freeze that I know is from a good home and of good manners; he would not insult Bishop Oyedepo.
Freeze himself attended the prestigious International School, Ibadan, ISI. He is a graduate of Nigeria’s premier university, UI. He has about 20 years experience in broadcasting and has garnered several national and international awards. He has won the Radio Personality of the Year award, and the Nickelodeon Award for Favourite Nigerian OAP.
Now, if not for broadcasting, how would Pastor Ibiyeomie have gotten to know about the outbreak of Covid-19? It is certain that the Governor of Wuhan, Hubei Province,  China never phoned the Pastor, or he also would have promptly announced it. How did he get to know there was a lockdown? Or know there was a general need to wear face masks?
Then, in an inexplicable twist, the Pastor announced that he would soon have Daddy Freeze arrested! Considering that the Pastor was the one who issued the death threats, then one cannot help but wonder who should actually have who arrested.
It is only proper that Freeze has alerted Nigerians to the terrible threats. The security agencies need also be notified.
Christians in parts Nigeria are being persecuted unto death today; with their houses, churches and villages burnt. Worshippers and preachers alike are being killed in cold blood. The Pastor referred to, might want to curse the killers of Christians, rather than to rain curses upon Daddy Freeze!
Note this fact that Pastor Ibiyeomie’s “sermon” on Daddy Freeze contained not one single passage of Scripture. As a man of God, surprisingly there was no word of God coming from his direction!
With all respect, to my mind, a full retraction would be absolutely in order.
Source:-Written by Mikky Attah, a Newscaster. Twitter@mikky_princess

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