Nigerians Reacted After Aisha Buhari Was Flown Abroad For Medical Treatment

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the report that Aisha, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been flown to Dubai for medical treatment.
Aisha reportedly left Nigeria for Dubai, UAE during the Sallah weekend due to persistent neck pain.
It was learnt that the neck pain began after the First Lady returned to Abuja from Lagos, where she paid a condolence visit to Florence Ajimobi, the widow of former Ogun State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi.
Aisha is said to be in stable condition, and presently observing bed rest at an undisclosed hospital.
This development has stirred reactions from Nigerians who criticized Buhari’s administration for flying Aisha to Dubai for just neck pain.
They also kicked against her travel despite an existing ban on international flights except for emergency and repatriation of Nigerians.
Meanwhile, the Presidency is yet to make any comment on the report.
Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:
@Solutionvitus “ So no Nigeria hospital can treat neck pain again. I don’t blame our doctors for leaving this country since they can’t be valued and trusted. But it’s so shameful that we contribute to the development of other countries while we remain underdeveloped.”
@StAbdulraheem “International flights haven’t even started yet! UAE leaders are human and have just one head as Nigerian leaders. More than 5 years in office and President Buhari has not been able to build a single hospital that could handle something as simple as a neck ache! What a shame!”
@ArinzeDonas “ Just ordinary neck pain and she was flown to Dubai, meanwhile there is a clinic inside Asorock that has received nearly 15 billion naira in 5years to be equipped..Oh Amadioha please do something.”
@ProfOmoejire “ Aisha Buhari flown to Saudi because of neck pain?Awww! Sannu, hajiya. And you thought international travel is still on lockdown? Not when your name is Aisha Buhari.”
@Ibiwumi “ So there is no competent Physiotherapists in this country to treat our first lady.Always a surprise and rude shock to read of news like these despite the array of competent, qualified and gifted therapeutic experts that can effectively manage this condition.”
@AjOrhewere “ Serious as it may be, and without prejudice to Aisha Buhari, it is still a shame that Nigerians have to fly citizens abroad for medical treatment. And Femi Adesina thinks a protest against this rotten state of affairs in our country is irritating!”
@TheophilusAgbo7 “ Our president’s wife going to Dubai to treat neck pain. This country no get shame oh. Anyway you can’t shame the shameless.”
@Josh_Savage03 “ Imagine ordinary neck pain no medical practitioner in Nigeria is deem fit to conduct an operation on her, this people don’t rate us at all even though it is our money they’ll be spending for their treatment in abroad. Our mumu suppose don do now.”
@Ore_rach “ All this money they are using to get medical treatment abroad can build world class hospitals in Nigeria. Instead they don’t pay doctors and equip hospitals lie on no funds. Aisha Buhari will and husband would have spent millions of Nigeria money on their treatment. Wicked government.”
@AlagbaKenneth “That means we are still in the same spot on health before the COVID-19 lockdown. No upgraded local hospital to treat neck pain in Nigeria? A whole Nigeria?”
@Oshindaretoyin “ There is plenty of Aboniki and Robb in Ibadan na or no more Ibrofen tablets in Aso rock clinic? Who bewitched you oh Nigeria?”

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